Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have nearly started soccer again, it starts this Saturday, we have been training for 2 weeks and I reckon we are going to be pretty good this season.
There is some new players, and a new coach which is nice and good.

Last year we came 4th but we versed the older grade.
I play in U/14's and play in the same team as last year.
We have 11 or 12 players so that will be good, because last year we had about 4 subs each game. 

So I will update on what the game turns out to be like.

Cricket Finals

As all of you probably know Grace and Naomi's team won the Grand Finals.

Our played pretty good, after you didn't start to good it was like 2/9 that is very bad.
But in the end we had about 113 runs with only 3 out in 20 overs.
The other team started off with a good start but we got some of the batsman out and the run rate went down fairly far.
But any way they won by about 3 runs and a over, only one over. 

Sorry I didn't post for a long time.

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