Friday, July 23, 2010

Taking the Pool Down

We're getting a new pool!!
We decided to take the old pool down (the new pool isn't going to be in the same place as the old pool)

This pool wasn't very big as you can see, and it was a pretty old one, an a above ground pool.

 It didn't take long to pull it down

And now the hole where the pool used to be has some dirt in it, we want it nearly filled up with dirt.

We rode our bikes around on the concrete for a while until we removed all the concrete.
Our new pool will be 12 metres by 4.

The little ones made a couple golf-ball courses where the pool used to be, and one of them they put a jump so the golf-balls go through one pipe and jump to the next (Dad helped them a bit)


Grace said...


You must be very excited. 12 by 4 is a little bit bigger then our pool.


Grace said...

I've tagged you.


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