Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!!

It's now 2011!
I hope your having a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 

To celebrate we went to a friends place on New Year's Eve
We had lot's of fun, but we didn't stay to the New Year.

But on New Years Day we went to the Speed-Way.

It was so awesome.
It started at 5PM and it went to 11PM

There were lot's of cars crashing.

This car clipped the wall and spun around and a car crashed into it.

A car spun around and another run up it.

Closer Shot.
And even a car fliped.
This car rolled about 4 times than ended up like this.
The driver didn't get hurt.

A car some how started to smoke, the driver wasn't injured.

A V8 Modified Car. They went fast.

Then before the finals there were fireworks.
The fireworks went for about 10 minutes the longest and best fireworks that I ever saw.

L.J and A.R sleeping.

That's about it that's happened this New Year so far.

I'll be soon posting about what happened on Christmas.
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