Monday, October 31, 2011

Cricket Starts

It's cricket season!! 
Cricket started about 3 weeks ago.

I'm playing for the same club, but playing in 16's instead of 14's.
In 16's we play on a turf pitch (which means the pitch is basically hard dirt).
Which is a bit of a change from 14's, because in 14's we play on a basically concrete pitch.
And I'm playing for 3rd grade, and this year Dad, my brother and me are playing in which is fun.
In 16's, my team played well for the first game of the season. 
It was a 20/20 (We play 20 overs fielding, than 20 overs batting).
We fielded first, got two wickets which isn't good or bad. The other team got 140 runs in 20 overs.
 When we batted they got 5 wickets, and we scored 110 runs.

I balled 2 overs, got one wicket and didn't catch any.
On the batting side, I faced 2 balls and all the 20 overs were over. I never got out.

With the second game we fielded first and got 110 runs hit off us and only got 2 wickets again.
I balled terrible got about 15 runs hit off my which most were no-balls.

Then our team came out to bat, we got 157 runs in 20 overs. Again an annoying thing happened I went in with 4 balls to go, got no runs and didn't get out.
Ok with 3rd grade, my team didn't go that well.
We fielded they got 171 runs off 40 overs, with 8 out in 20 overs.

Then the horrible thing happened we had 115 runs in 20 overs, so we had 20 overs left and only had 2 people out. And got out in the next 14 overs with only about 150 altogether.

On the second game fielded first again, in 16's and 3rd grade our team hasn't batted first.
They got 209 runs in 40 overs.

We batted we thought we were going to get smashed, but something strange happened. We got 215 in 28 overs. One of our batsman got 108 runs (Not-Out). So we won easily, with only 3 batsman out in our team.

So had lot's of fun so far.

I'll post in the next week what's been happening at our place


Grace said...

Sounds good! On Friday we played your team from last year. We batted really, really badly and only made about 80 runs. At drinks, 10 overs into our bowling innings, we had your team at 2/18. We were looking really good and thought we had the game in the bag. We went bag out to play the last ten and N Campbell came into bat. He was smashing us with our bowlers bowling to short, little did we know that they were quickly chasing down our total. With three overs to go, our skipper bought on one of our beginners to bowl and they scored 22 runs off that over and that on them the game.

We were devastated. We were pretty confident that we would win going into the game because we had smashed Easts and Souths, both by 100 runs. But we failed to succeed with the bat and lost the game.

Because your playing 3rd grade, we might play you. Our 3rd grade captain is keen to get Naomi and I in the team. J says it is kinda in between 14's and 16's. Your playing Brothers this week, but Naomi and I won't be there because we're off to Sydney because Naomi has cricket down there.

Anyway, Naomi is going nuts at me because I'm mean't to be doing a project but I'm typing this terribly long comment. Better go.


(Keep us updated on your cricket)

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

Hey Grace,

Well I would have thought that you would have beat them, but no obviously not!!

Yeah I'll try to keep up posting about cricket and other things, also I post about the renovation that has been going at our house in the past 6 months. In the next few days.

Good luck for Naomi for her cricket thingy.


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