Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soccer Update

Last Saturday, we played our second game.
We were versing the team that came 7th last year, and we beat them 5-0

Our team didn't play that well, we were keep on shooting straight at the goolkeeper.
But we did only have 9 players, and they had 12.
We have no games on today and next week because of School Holidays.

We're first on the ladder now, hopefully stay there, but we probably won't.



We had lot's of fun there, it was so awesome.
One week ago Monday, we went to the Gold Coast (Queensland Australia).

 On the Monday we got to Wet'n'wild at 9.45 AM, and lined up.
After it opened at 10.00 AM, we went in.
All day we had lot's of fun there on all of the rides.

My favourite was Kamikaze.

We left at about 3.50 PM, because it was cold and we had to get to Sea World Resort, and unpack.
After we unpacked, we went to a place, where we had a buffet Tea. Which is all you can eat.

Then after tea, went back to the Resort and went to bed.

In the morning we had a Buffet Breakfast, at the Resort (Which was good).
We only had to walk just outside of the Resort to come to Sea World.
At Sea World we saw a Dolphin Show, which was so amazing.

Two Dolphin's doing front-flips.

 Three Dolphin's jumping over a boat.

We went to the Shark Pool, which had lot's of Sharks, and fishes in it.

The next day we went to Sea World again, and went to the Water Park there.

And we left about 1:30PM, and arrived home later that day.

We had a wonderful holiday.

Sorry I didn't post for ages.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soccer Update

We versed the best team from last year, and we won.
In the end we scored 3 goals, and they scored 0.
We are pretty good this year.

In the first half I was right-back, but every time there was a corner I had to go up a kick the corner kick. 

I was captain this week, but someone said it was for the whole year, but I'm not sure.
Our family is going to the Gold Coast tomorrow. We are going to Wet'n'Wild (a theme park). We're staying over night, and going to Seaworld the next day (which will be fun, cause I've never been there. And we're staying over again and coming back home the next day.

It will be fun.

I'll post about it on Wednesday when I get back.
I post probably on Wensday
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