Saturday, April 16, 2011



We had lot's of fun there, it was so awesome.
One week ago Monday, we went to the Gold Coast (Queensland Australia).

 On the Monday we got to Wet'n'wild at 9.45 AM, and lined up.
After it opened at 10.00 AM, we went in.
All day we had lot's of fun there on all of the rides.

My favourite was Kamikaze.

We left at about 3.50 PM, because it was cold and we had to get to Sea World Resort, and unpack.
After we unpacked, we went to a place, where we had a buffet Tea. Which is all you can eat.

Then after tea, went back to the Resort and went to bed.

In the morning we had a Buffet Breakfast, at the Resort (Which was good).
We only had to walk just outside of the Resort to come to Sea World.
At Sea World we saw a Dolphin Show, which was so amazing.

Two Dolphin's doing front-flips.

 Three Dolphin's jumping over a boat.

We went to the Shark Pool, which had lot's of Sharks, and fishes in it.

The next day we went to Sea World again, and went to the Water Park there.

And we left about 1:30PM, and arrived home later that day.

We had a wonderful holiday.

Sorry I didn't post for ages.


Grace said...

Looks like great fun! I remember when my family went to Sea World (about seven years ago), and we went to see the Dolphins and they did that exact same trick where the Dolphins jumped over the boat. The did those other tricks in the other photos too.

I don't remember Shark Pool though. Maybe it wasn't there, or we just bye-passed it.


Vellvin said...

That sounds really good!

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