Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hail storm

There was a hail storm the day before Father's Day. It was the biggest hail storm I have seen ever.
It covered the whole front and back yard.
The last hail storm we had was very small and the hail stones were only little mar-balls and the hail stones were only there for a short time.
But the hail on the yard lasted for 12 hours after this hail storm.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what I am learning

I have been learning about geology this term.
I found out lots about rocks and the earth's structure.
I have to do a science experiment every week.
I did one where you put heaps of Epsom salts into water until it wouldn't dissolve any more, and then you put it into an empty egg shell.
I had to leave it until it evaporated.
Then it formed crystal like stuff in the bottom of the egg shell.

I have been knitting a scarf for handcraft.

We have been learning about the Renaissance in History.
I have learnt about Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Shakespeare, Nicolaus Copernicus, Sir Walter Raleigh, Queen Elizabeth 1, Michelangelo, and Joan of Arc.

In Geography we are looking at different countries in Europe.
So far we have learnt about Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands and Austria.
Each week we make a meal from that country.

I made Hot Potato Salad last week for our German Meal.
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