Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Photo

Wednesday Photo time!!

For the rules go over to Naomi's Blog

Here is my photo:
A really weird rock that Tigger and I found at a beach once.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anniversary Contest

This is just a reminder that my anniversary contest is ending this Friday 24th
Please enter, have fun.

Wednesday Photo Winner

The Winner for Wednesday Photo is:

Naomi is the judge for next week 

Here is Naomi's photo:

Sorry I didn't post this before now.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Photo

Just a reminder that Wednesday Photo is Today

1.Take a photo of something really cool, random, unique, interesting, etc..........

2.No copying other peoples photo.

3.Title your post "Wednesday Photo".

4.Be creative.

5.You have to have your photo on your blog by the end of the day if you want to enter.

6. The winner of this week gets to judge next weeks "Wednesday Photo".
Please tell me if you have entered, and anyone can enter.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The other day we went to a place about an hour away from our house.
And at the place we went to this so cool park, I mean the best park I've ever see.

Here are some picture's of it:

Big climbing thing

A turn table thing (that makes people dizzy)

Big slide

Platforms to get to the slide

Little kids slide and over things

The other side of the little kids bit

Other photo of the big slide

This thing that L.J and A.R in is a thing that you can sit in or get spun around in

So there is the park but there are some other cool things that we didn't take pictures of.

Friday, September 10, 2010

100 post anniversary contest

 This is my 100th post!!!!
 Thank-you everybody for looking at my blog and leaving comments, it has been great posting 100 posts with comments on nearly every single one.
 So I'm going to have a contest to celebrate!

This contest is going to be a bit different than all my other contests that I had
  and a little bit harder

With a microscope I have taken pictures and you'll have to try to guess what it is. 
I'll have a really close picture (b.) and a bit easier picture (a.) of the same thing.

This contest ends on the 24th of September (In Two Weeks Time)
Here are the photo's:

(This thing doesn't have a very close up picture)

(Same with this one)



There you are:
 To enter leave a comment on my blog with answers numbered 1 through to 6

The winner will get a reward, and the same with everyone that enters this contest.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Photo

It is Wednesday Photo day today
Grace is the judge for this week, so look at her blog for the rules if you want to join.

Here is my photo:
A Beautiful Butterfly

Monday, September 6, 2010

every single process of installing a pool

Last week the pool people came and started to dig

Removing the grass 

 Hit sand-stone, lots of it

Big problem
Their little jack-hammer could not get through the sand-stone

See there is still lot's of sand-stone, and it's still not deep enough

So we called in a massive excavator with a jack-hammer to remove the sand-stone

Here it is with the sand-stone removed enough for the pool to go in  

Most of the dirt that came out of the hole 

All of the sand-stone that came out of the hole

Removing a little bit of sand-stone with their hand jack-hammer 

Putting a nice bed for the pool to rest on

The bed levelled out
Now the most exciting part, putting the pool in

Lifting the pool off the ground

Nearly there

Lowering it in the hole

Finally it's in

Making sure it's level

Installing the lights

Putting water in her

With the water in her and all the back-filling is done (back-filling is when they put sand all around the outside of the pool)

Now they just have to cement it, put paver's on the top of the pool and install the pump.
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