Monday, September 6, 2010

every single process of installing a pool

Last week the pool people came and started to dig

Removing the grass 

 Hit sand-stone, lots of it

Big problem
Their little jack-hammer could not get through the sand-stone

See there is still lot's of sand-stone, and it's still not deep enough

So we called in a massive excavator with a jack-hammer to remove the sand-stone

Here it is with the sand-stone removed enough for the pool to go in  

Most of the dirt that came out of the hole 

All of the sand-stone that came out of the hole

Removing a little bit of sand-stone with their hand jack-hammer 

Putting a nice bed for the pool to rest on

The bed levelled out
Now the most exciting part, putting the pool in

Lifting the pool off the ground

Nearly there

Lowering it in the hole

Finally it's in

Making sure it's level

Installing the lights

Putting water in her

With the water in her and all the back-filling is done (back-filling is when they put sand all around the outside of the pool)

Now they just have to cement it, put paver's on the top of the pool and install the pump.


Grace said...

Looks like it was very exciting to watch.


Tully said...

I'm jealous.


Grace said...

Just a reminder that it is Wednesday Photo day today.
Please leave a comment on my blog when you have posted your photo so I you've done one.



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