Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cricket Update

Here's an update of cricket!

I've played 3 games from the last time I posted about cricket.

Now 2 weeks ago in 16's, we lost but would of smashed them heaps if we had all our players because we only had 7 players.
We fielded first, they got 137 runs off us.
We then batted and only got 103 runs off 20 overs.

In 3rd grad it was so sad. We batted first only got 54 runs, all out.
Then they batted and got 60 off only 8 overs, so they won.

Now two days ago in 16's
Our team fielded first, got them out for 67 runs, (It's still 20 overs each, we play 40 overs each next week).
I bowled got 2/8, the cool thing is next week I'm on a hat-trick.

Our batting went sort of bad, in the first over it was 0/2 for wickets. But then by the 11 over we were 7/70, then I went in and got 8 in about 4 balls.
But our total scored was 104 in 15 overs.

So cricket has gone pretty well. 

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Grace said...

Ok. We were in Sydney last weekend and we were emailed by our neighbour about 3rd grade and our big win. But you smashed us in 16's. 2/8, not bad. Naomi and I played three games of cricket over the weekend, 14's friday night, we're in to 40 over games, we batted last week, got 271, on Friday we bowled Easts out for 60 odd in 24 overs, then went for the outright but didn't get it. At the end of there second innings they were five for sixty something, Naomi took a couple wickets and I took two catches. Then yesterday morning we had 12's, had a good win there and then yesterday afternoon Naomi and I got picked in the 3rd grade side for the first time this year. We batted first, Naomi had a 60 run partnership with someone after ten overs, then she got out, then I went in and batted for about 11 or 12 overs and made fourteen runs. So if you add our innings together, Naomi and I batted for half our innings which is pretty good for our first game, which we think. Our team got 162 runs or something like that, but with some poor decisions and dishonest cricket from the other team, they managed to win. This rain is much good the grounds, glad we got the weeks cricket in though.


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