Monday, December 28, 2009

How to make your own Quiz

How to make your own Quiz.
To start making your own quiz Click Here
When you get to the site you will need to register it's free. You only need to give your email address, your name and your password (you can just give a short name)
After you register press create Quiz. Then decide if you want a scored Quiz or a Personality Quiz it will say right above them what each Quiz means.
You can choose multiple choice or short answers or long answers.
Scroll down to create quiz and you can choose to create your quiz or save it.
When you create your quiz you can still edit it later.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


This Quiz is mostly about Science
This is an other quiz that I have made.
Click Here

If you want to do my other Quiz again Press Here

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Questionare

Vellvin gave this tag to me.
(Well Vellvin really just said anyone could do it so I did)

What do I like about Christmas

I like Christmas because it's when we celebrate the very special birth of Jesus

What do I really what for Christmas

A new trampoline

How do I like to celebrate Christmas

I like to celebrate Christmas with my Grandparents Aunts and Uncles and other family.

What do I like to eat at Christmas

I like to eat roast pork on Christmas Eve

What colours do I like to wear on Christmas

I just wear any colour

Do I put Christmas lights on my house

Yes I do (but I don't put Christmas lights on the outside of my house)

Do my family and I have a Christmas tree

Yes we do

Do I like Santa 

No I don't like Santa

Do I like to make Christmas decorations?

Yes I do like to make Christmas decorations

Do I like to have Christmas at home with your family or do I like to spend the it with my Grandparents Aunts and Uncles and other family?

I like to have Christmas at home with my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and other family

This Christmas Question-are goes to:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Motor Bikes

We have three motor bikes.
We ride them around our paddock, our track is shaped like an oval.

(This is the 110cc motor bike)
Years ago we made jumps it was fun, but the motor bikes going over the wood wrecked them. We have a 110cc, 70cc and a 50cc motor bikes, I only ride the 70cc motor bike, because the 110cc motor bike's back brakes are too powerful and when you brake you always slide and I some times crash doing that.

(This photo is of the 70cc motor bike)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We have a new member of our family Jazzy
We got a new cat yesterday, we called her Jazzy.
We wanted a cat for a long time because we had a different cat and there were no mice but when she died there started to be mice back in our house so we wanted to get a cat.

She is only 8 weeks old, she likes to play with these balls that we brought for her.
I wanted a new cat for 2 years because our old cat was nearly 16 human years old when she died.
I liked her the most, every one else didn't do anything to help our old cat, anyway she didn't come for anyone else except me or Mum.
She slept on my bed and love me because I fed her.

Jazzy likes to sleep on a window-sill and I want to look after her as I look after our old cat.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How Much Imagination Brother Four Has

My little brother is very clever at making things with his imagination.

He is very clever at making books, houses and lot's of other stuff he can make.
This is a house that he made one day when he wanted to make something.

 This photo is when he made it but he didn't paint it at this stage.
He made it with cardboard, string, and the helpful hot-glue gun.
The pieces of string that you see on the photo are his pulley thing that opens the windows and the door.

This is when he had painted the house.
He probably painted it red because it is his favorite colour.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Dig Garden

We made No Dig Gardens about 4 months ago.
No Dig Gardens are gardens that you don't need to dig.

 It was pretty fun using a dingo that we hired to dig out a big pile of dirt that used to be a other garden.
The dingo isn't a animal it is a mini digger.
Then we placed the big steel rectangles that we had made a couple of days before.

 We put about a quarter of dirt in each one, (We built 5 beds) and then we had to lay out newspaper in each one, then we laid out lots of bails hay in them.

Now they have lot's of vegetables and in one of the beds we have made a cage that we kept chickens in.

 This is a photo of the corn. 
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