Tuesday, December 1, 2009

No Dig Garden

We made No Dig Gardens about 4 months ago.
No Dig Gardens are gardens that you don't need to dig.

 It was pretty fun using a dingo that we hired to dig out a big pile of dirt that used to be a other garden.
The dingo isn't a animal it is a mini digger.
Then we placed the big steel rectangles that we had made a couple of days before.

 We put about a quarter of dirt in each one, (We built 5 beds) and then we had to lay out newspaper in each one, then we laid out lots of bails hay in them.

Now they have lot's of vegetables and in one of the beds we have made a cage that we kept chickens in.

 This is a photo of the corn. 


Grace said...

We have 2 'No Dig Gardens' at our place.

Legolas said...

I noticed on your side bar you have Ink world as one of your favoroit movies. I've been thinking of watching it is it any good?

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