Thursday, February 24, 2011

Riddle Answers

The answers for the riddles that I was doing last year, but didn't get to post it.
Thank You everyone that had a go.

First Riddle:
 Q: Harry was 20 years old in 1980, but only 15 years old in 1985. How is this possible?
A: Harry was born in 2000 B.C

That means Saxon and Jesse were right.
Good Job

The Second Riddle: 
Q: Once there was a man, he lived in a apartment. The apartment was 40 stories high, the man lived on the 30th floor. He worked everyday in town. 
On sunny days the man comes back to the apartment after a days work, but he only goes up the elevator to the 8th floor and walks the rest of the way up the stairs to his floor. 
But on rainy days he comes back to the apartment after the days work, and goes up the elevator all the way to his floor. Why Does He Do This?
A: The elevator buttons started at the bottom of the elevator, and went up to the top of the elevator as the floors got higher. The man was a miniature man, so on sunny days he couldn't reach his floor button, the highest button he could push was the 8th button which went to the 8th floor. That's why he had to walk the rest of the way. But on rainy days he had his umbrella with him, so he could reach the button for his floor.

No one got this one right, but good try for the people who had a try.

So that's the answers.  
Hope you know what I'm talking about.

I didn't tell the answer to a riddle I told ages ago so I'm going to have another contest on it.
It's pretty hard if anyone wants to know.

Here's the riddle:
A Bad Man

A bad man buried four men in the desert up to their necks.

Three of the men were facing in one direction and the fourth man was facing the other three men but he couldn’t see them because there was a wall in the way.

The bad man blind folded them and placed a white or black hat on each of them, there were two white hats and two black hats. Then he removed the blindfolds.

After he placed the hats on them, he said that whoever can tell him what colour hat they had on he would let that person go and let the other three die. So your task is to find out who knows 100% what hat he has on.

The order of the hats: one on the far left is white, next one in is black, then white and the end one is black. Tell me which man knew 100% what colour hat he had on his head and why. The men didn't know which colour hat they had on remember.  

This contest ends on the 6th March (Which I reckon is a wonderful day) 

Everyone will get awards.

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Grace said...

I have no idea. I'm not much good at riddles.

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