Thursday, February 24, 2011


Christmas has past a long time ago but I'll see post about it. Now I have to wait nearly another year before it comes again. (That's the bad thing)
We had a wonderful time on Christmas day.

Things I did on Christmas day:

I woke up Christmas day, opened Christmas presents from Dad and Mum. All the presents were good.
The things I got from Dad and Mum:
  1. Body-board.
  2. Cane Hat.
  3. Beach Towel.
  4. Snorkel Set
  5. Snorkel Set
  6. A Music CD.
And the main present I got was a Ripstick.(It is awesome)

Then we played with some of those presents until we went to one of our Uncle and Aunts place for tea, and to get presents from most of our related families.

From there, I got a Remote-control Helicopter, a Beach foot ball thing, and a remote-control car but I gave that to N.S because I already have lot's of remote-control cars.
Then we went home and went to bed, and Christmas day was over for the year.

Sorry I didn't post this before now.

1 comment:

Grace said...

Sounds great.

Ripsticks are awesome aren't they.

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