Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As some of you would already know that I'm playing cricket again this year.

I'm playing in 14/U's again this year.
In the same club.
There are not very many players that played last year playing this year.

We played about 5 games, but heaps of games got washed out.

Our team is going pretty good, we've won every game until last week, which we went so bad on.
When we balled, in the first 5 overs, we had 4 out for 9 runs which is heaps good. But they made 150 runs in the end. (Which means we played very bad)
And the next week when we batted, we only made about 87 runs with all out. I batted and only faced 3 balls, and my other team mate got out. So I got 0 runs not out.

The finals are soon, we are second on the larder by 0.2 of a point.
And next week we hope that Grace and Naomi's team wins if we come first for the year, so we verse the worst team by far in the finals.

I hope we verse Grace and Naomi's team in the Grand Finals.

So sorry I didn't post for a while.

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Grace said...

I'm hoping the same!

If that happens, it will be a close game, don't you think?
Each time we've played you we have come closer and closer to beating you. I saw your score from last week, I think it was a bit of a fluke game from Easts. I hope we don't loose this week. Good luck with your game too. We smashed South!!! All out for 15 runs, although they were short in players. But.............. Naomi and I are unable to play semi's and final fro U/12's!!!!! We need to pick between the two. (Sobb, sniffle)


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