Saturday, April 24, 2010


My cricket team won the grand finals 4 weeks ago.
It was my first time I ever got into some sort of grand finals.
The team we were playing was the team that we had troubles playing them, one game we played them we won by 1 run and the next time we played them they won by 2 runs.
Our team got them all out with 62 runs to spare, I'm not a very got batsman I will admit and I'm a all right bowler but in the grand finals I went hopeless and the same with batting I got a duck (if any one doesn't know what a duck is, it's 0.    
And I can't wait until the end of this year to start playing cricket again.


Legolas said...

I've tagged you

P.S was it a golden duck or just a duck


Naomi said...

Will you be playing cricket next year?

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

Legolas, I only got a duck but I nearly got a golden duck I played two balls.
Naomi, yes I will be playing cricket this year unless some thing happens.

Naomi said...


That means my team will be playing you.

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