Tuesday, November 1, 2011


In the past 6 months we've been renovating.
Dad's the builder (He doesn't build for a living)

It's pretty impressive.
Here are some pictures:

Dad needed a new shed, I don't have many picture's of the construction of the new shed.
We constructed a floor for the shed, but we don't have any picture's that I could find.

 Putting the frame for the shed on top of the floor

A.R showing off what she can do!!

The outside of the new shed
Here are some picture's of the inside of the new shed (It is a bit messy right now)

Constructing bath room, toilet, and I.J's new room:

  Making the bottom frame

Measuring the walls (Some of the pictures didn't upload right)

Put one side of the wall up

Screwing a screw in

 I.J making sure it's secure.

Making the frame of the roof

Tin going up

All of the tin's up

Another picture of the roof

 Side view of the new structure, well under-way

 Some of the inside walls up now!

Starting to put the fibro up

Front outside wall up

Painted one side wall, three to go (Not anymore)

Plasterboard coming along well

Starting I.J's room:

Inside of I.J's new room

I.J's ceiling's up

Making I.J's new bed

  Making a bookshelf made into his bed

Admiring their handy-work

Floor has been put in

 Bookshelf filled with things

His bed nice and tidy

 Room furnished
But in this picture not finished, but right now it's finished

Bathroom and toilet:

Putting the water pipes in

Just before the glass surroundings went in

The shower complete (Means now we have two shower's)

 Sink finished and floor tiled and complete

Inside of the toilet

The bathroom and toilet all completed!!

Now making the games room:

The games room is actually Dad's old shed, but reconstructed!!

Taking one side of the old shed's wall out

Putting some of the walls up with new plasterboard

All the plasterboard and cornice up

 New doors in

 Testing if it works first

We had to cover the entire old shed's floor with self-leveling concrete, because the old floor was so uneven

Installing the floor

All of the floor is installed

Some of the furniture in already

 Our cat enjoying the new floor

Now J.D and I used to live in a big room together, but now Dad has split them up and we have our own rooms.

Taking off J.D and my old wall, to install a new one.

New wall up

Inside J.D's room when we were installing a new roof, because the old one was ruined

When we were removing the old walls in J.D's room, there was a visitor inside the wall.

 A cupboard getting made in J.D's room

The hallway between J.D's room and mine (J.D's room is the first right door, and mine is the furthest down the hallway).

 Fixing up the old roof

Hallway is nearly done just haven't painted it yet

 Looking at the hallway to I.J's room and the bathroom and toilet.
(see my new piano)

Looking past I.J's door, where you can see the games room, and J.D's and my rooms

My room is actually not finished yet, the ceiling just has to be painted and the skirting boards put in and then I will post some more pictures of my completed room.
The  hallway is not finished yet either, but J.D's room is completely finished.

But if your been wondering about what I said up the top 'Here's some pictures' I was a bit out, there's actually 55 photo's.

So that's basically what happened over the past 6 months I haven't posted much.

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Grace said...

I bet its been exciting watching all these new rooms go up and your house getting bigger and bigger.


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