Monday, June 14, 2010

Race Day

Today we had the home schooling sports day we have every year.
It was so fun!
There was so many more people than usually there
The races included:
Age Race (100 metre sprint)
 Long Distance (the age division I was in was 1200 metre's long)
Shot put
Long jump
Then there were the fun ones
There was:
Team relays
3 legged race
 Sack Race
And one of my favorites Tug of War, then usually after we done the ones for the teams we have the Dads vs Kids.

The position I came in the races:
First for Age Race (sprint)
Third for the long distance race (came first in my age division boys)
Second in the shot put
Second in the Discus
Second in Javelin
Second in Long Jump

My team "Green Machine" came first in points from the two other teams, the Red Rockets and the Blue Storm.
In Senior age division that is ages from 1993-1997, I had a tie with Legolas , with the points I got from all the races, and got a medallion for Senior Boys Champion. 


Saxon said...

you must be pretty good at sports to win first or second on just about everything. Looks like it was lots of fun.

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

Hi Saxon,
It was lots of fun.

Grace said...

You did very well CB.

Looks like you got something in everything.

Congrats on being senior champion.


CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...


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