Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Riddle

This is a riddle that you can try and solve
A bad man buried four men in the desert up to their necks.
Three of the men were facing in one direction and the fourth man was facing the other three men but he couldn’t see them because there was a wall in the way.
The bad man blind folded them and placed a white or black hat on each of them, there were two white hats and two black hats. Then he removed the blindfolds.
After he placed the hats on them, he said that whoever can tell him what colour hat they had on he would let that person go and let the other three die. So your task is to find out who knows 100% what hat he has on.
The order of the hats: one on the far left is white, next one in is black, then white and the end one is black. Tell me which man knew 100% what colour hat he had on his head and why.    

If you think what the answer is, email me on
If you have a go or get it right I will  post your names and in a month I'll do another post with the answer.


Grace said...

I sent you a email.

I hope it got through.

Annie said...

Hey CB.

Here is the answer to the riddle you posted on your blog about the black and white hats:

The man who know the colour of his hat is the second from the right in the picture.

Here is why:

After a short time, Number 1 has not shouted out what colour hat he is wearing. Because of this number 2 knows that he cannot be wearing the same colour hat as the person in front of him. If he was then number 1 would see two black hats and would therefore know that his hat must be white.

Armed with the knowledge that he isn't wearing the same colour hat as the man in front.
The man in front is wearing a black hat.
number two can confidently shout out that the hat he is wearing is white.

I read this somewhere but it wasn't the same as your riddle but I figured it would work the same way for your riddle.

Please do a post or something and tell us the answer if you want to.


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