Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soccer is Dangerous

Soccer is dangerous!!
You may as well play Rugby League (NRL, also called football)
It is dangerous because last week I got a black eye, and this week I broke the third finger on my right hand.
I was goal-keeper in the first half, and a person shot and I dived just missed the ball and landed on the finger that is broken.

I played the rest of the game not telling anyone and after the game we went to a friend's house to get some fire wood which we got from cut down trees.
Dad noticed that I was not using my right hand to pick up logs, when he looked at it he said that it was probably broken.
After we got the wood and went home Mum took me to Emergency at the hospital to find that my finger was broken.
My whole finger was nearly all purple and the rest of my hand is very swollen.
And now I won't be playing soccer for two weeks.  
That game in the end was a 2 all draw.


Grace said...


I wouldn't like to miss out on sport for 2 weeks.

Naomi said...


That looks painful!!!

Saxon said...

Ouch!! That must REALLY HURT!

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