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A short chapter story by CB

The Adventures of William the Page

By C. B.

Chapter One

I am William and I am a page. I live with King James, and Queen Alice they are very rich and have lots of treasures, they live in a castle in England, it is a very big castle and almost new. It has a big market place and even a craftsman and a shoemaker. There are lots of knights, and some squires and pages, of which I am one.

One of the knights is called John, he helps me with my fighting skills and behaviour because I really want to became a squire. I have been here for a year, but John has only been here for a few months. I became very good friends with John when one day, when he had only been here a few days and he asked me to show him around the Village. So I took him and introduced him to some of my friends, like Lucky Luke the Blacksmith and Old Bob the Thatcher and his son Robbie, who is about my age. He was especially pleased though when I introduced him to sweet Poppy, the weaver’s daughter. I could see immediately that he was very taken with her blue eyes and long lashes and auburn hair.

Chapter two

After that I showed him around the castle and to all of the market places around the castle and in the castle. That was only a couple of weeks ago now.

Last night I was going to my room when I heard two men whispering about something so I put my head against the door that the two men were behind. I only heard a couple of words, first I heard them say “treasure” and then later I heard them say “I’ll see you tomorrow night at the hall”. Then I ran off to my room.

The next morning I told John about what I heard he said don’t worry about it. After that I wanted to go to the hall and see what the men were up to. In the middle of the night I woke up and decided to go to the hall, when I came out of my room I saw a guard so I shut the door. Then I tried again and that time the guard wasn’t there so I went to the hall. I had to wait for a while before they came, this time I could see their faces and I recognised one of them. It was the shoemaker for the castle, but the other one I did not recognise. I heard every word that they said. After that I had to sneak to my room. That next morning I told John but he did not believe me so I decided to tell the King what I had heard.

Chapter three

When I got to the room that the King lives in I got scared so I didn’t talk to the King that day. Then the next day I recognised the other man that was in the hall it was the craftsman.

Lately I have been spying on the shoe-maker and the craftsman, one day the craftsman said “What about we try to do it tomorrow, Tom?”

Then the shoe-maker said “No, why don’t we do it tomorrow night?” The craftsman said “That’s a good idea at midnight”

“Ok” said Tom.

That day I was thinking about what the craftsman meant, how he said -what about we try to do it tomorrow, then I remembered what they said in the hall. That same day I told John, he finally believed me and said he wanted to help me. I still was too scared about telling the King and John didn’t want to tell the King either. So we decided to try to stop them with no help from the King, so we sat down to try to come up with a plan.

Chapter four

The baddies were planning to kill the king and the queen while they slept, so they could get the key for the kings special treasure chest where he kept his precious jewels worth lots of money, from around his neck. Then they planned to get it from its hiding spot under the king’s throne. They had discovered it was there when the shoemaker was fitting the king with some new shoes.

So John and I had to come up with a plan to stop them, before they killed the king and queen.

We decide that the best course of action was to hide in the kings closet and wait until they come. Then we might be able to stop them before they hurt the king and queen. And if they kill the king and queen and get the key we will go to the throne to try to stop them, and if they steal the treasure we do not have a clue what to do.

Chapter five

It was late when I woke up and got dressed to go to the King’s room. I was scared, if the King woke up when we were getting in his wardrobe and he saw us we would have a lot of explaining to do. We said to meet each other in the hall, near the Kings room. I was waiting for a while and I was just about to see where John was when he came running towards me, when he got to me he said we had better hurry because he saw the shoe-maker and the craftsman coming to kill the King and Queen. So I got up and started to run with John to the King’s room. When we got to the Kings room we opened the door and looked back and they were coming around a corner, we hoped that they didn’t see us. We got in the wardrobe and about half a minute later the door opened. We heard the craftsman whispered, “OK you kill the King, I’ll kill the Queen.”

At that moment John and I jumped out of the wardrobe and I tried to stop the craftsman killing the Queen and John tried to stop the shoe-maker kill the King. The craftsman grabbed me and I struggled but the craftsman held tighter. Out of the corner of my eye I saw John he was fighting with the shoemaker but the shoemaker finally pushed John and he fell over. At that moment the King woke up so the shoemaker snapped the chain off and ran away and the craftsman let go of me and ran too, John and I started running after the craftsman and the shoemaker.

Chapter six

The craftsman and the shoemaker were faster than us they made it to the King’s throne first, so we locked all of the doors around them. I ran off to find the King. The King wasn’t in his room, so I searched everywhere but I could not find him. All of a sudden lots of guards were around me and I told them that I wasn’t the baddie that the baddies were in the throne room with all of the doors locked. So the guards held me and walked to the throne room, they opened one of the doors of the throne room and they captured the craftsman and the shoemaker. The King put the craftsman and the shoemaker in the castles dungeon. The King gave a reward to John and me for saving the King’s treasure. John got to pick something out of the treasure box and I got promoted to being a squire.

The End


Naomi said...


Great story, as soon as I sarted reading it, I couldn't stop.
Are you going to be posting more stories?


Grace said...

Great story CB!

I can't wait to hear another one.

I love writing stories

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