Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Contest

A contest!
This is a contest that you will need to tell me information about the character
Ends on the 12 July

1:Do not look on the internet for info

2:Don't copy other people's answers

Here is the character:

Good luck!! 


Vellvin said...

He's name is Woody. He was Andy's favorite toy until buzz came along. Then Woody got reallly jealous! He tried to get rid iof Buzz and convinses buzz that when Woody needs him the most he is nothing but a toy. Also he was happy to go to Japan after thinking about it. He likes to be the boss and he is good at being the boss. He can get really angry. He panicsd when he goes into Sid's house and is the only one who seems like he wants to go home! He likes Bow-Peep alot. In toy story 3 he is the only toy who wants to go back to Andy. He is also very compassonate.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Grace said...

This characters name is Woody. He is a cowboy doll. He was Andy's favorite toy until Buzz was given to Andy as a birthday present, after that Woody had to learn to share Andy.

Woody has many adventures. To name a few, going to Sid's house next door, being stolen from his owner Andy. The person who sold him wanted Woody to complete Woody's Round Up Gang. The person who stole him was going to send him to Japan.

Woody loves all his toy friends, Bo Peep more then anyone.

Thats all I can say.


Naomi said...

Well his name is Woody. He is a toy owned by a little bot called Andy. He has a brown cowboy hat, a yellow checkered shirt, a cow skin vest,blue denim jeans, big brown boots and a sherifs badge.

On his back he has a string you can pull and he will say something like " There's a snake in my boot!!', or "Someone drowning in the water hole".
On the bottom of his boot the word Andy is written.

He Love's his friends and helps to keep everything and everyone in order.

He gets Jealous of Buzz in the first movie because Andy like Buzz as much as he likes Woody when he is first given to Andy. Wood got very angry. But than Woody realised that he has to share Andy with Buzz.

That all I can say.

Lou said...

He is so rare he is a valuable colectors item.

He is the leader of all Andys toys
until competition comes along he and Buzz to be the favourite until they both realize it's not about favourites. Now they share the leadership role and help eachother through life.

But now Andy has grown up and he and the gang live with Bonny a sweet little girl who will love and care for him and his friends, he has devoted his life to doing what he was made to do make children happy!

He is the one and only Woody!!!


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