Monday, July 12, 2010

Winner of my Contest

My contest has finished.
 And the winner is: 

Here is Naomi's answer:

Well his name is Woody. He is a toy owned by a little boy called Andy. He has a brown cowboy hat, a yellow checkered shirt, a cow skin vest,blue denim jeans, big brown boots and a sheriffs badge.

On his back he has a string you can pull and he will say something like " There's a snake in my boot!!', or "Someone drowning in the water hole".
On the bottom of his boot the word Andy is written.

He Love's his friends and helps to keep everything and everyone in order.

He gets Jealous of Buzz in the first movie because Andy likes Buzz as much as he likes Woody when he is first given to Andy. Woody got very angry. But than Woody realised that he has to share Andy with Buzz.

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Well done  

Here is award for everyone that participated my contest
 Thank you everyone for entering.
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