Monday, October 5, 2009

Bridge to Bridge

Yesterday we went to the Bridge to Bridge.
It is a famous ski race.
People from all over Australia come to participate in it.
The boats go 160 miles per hour.

It took the winning boat 37 minutes to go from the bridge at Grafton to the Harwood bridge and back again with 2 people skiing behind it.

At the end of the race all the boats get towed back to their trailers by a jet ski.
This is a picture of some boats getting towed back together.
Each boat is tied to the one in front.
You can just see the back of the jet ski in the picture.


Gimli said...

cool phots CB

Grace said...

We live close to the Clarence River so we heard them
practising but we were away on Sunday so we missed a lot
of the noise

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