Monday, November 2, 2009


I went to the Speedway last Saturday with my family.
It was good fun, the best part of the Speedway was when some of the racer's had crashes.
The price was cheap (it was only $35 for  family on medicare card.)
There were Stockrods, Amca Nationals, Limited Sedans, Stocker's, Four Cylinders, and Juniors(14 to 16 year old's.)

There was a couple of crashes, in one of them the petrol tank lit on fire and the driver went around the track one more lap before he stopped. When he stopped a other car went smashing into it, the fire truck was in-front of the car for a while.

When we were waiting for the finals to begin, there was a panda in a car doing burn-outs.
The Speedway started 6:00pm and finished at 9:44pm.
I hope we go again soon.


Gimli said...

CB did you kone that legolas taggd you

CB, Tigger and Will Treaty said...

Yes, I did know that Legolas had tagged me. I'm doing it right now.

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