Thursday, March 4, 2010


Our holiday was fun!
When we wanted to go to beach we only had to walk about 50 metres, we just had to walk up a little hill and then you got to the beach.
One day we had to find some shells up the beach, because this term we are doing marine life for science.
And I found some pretty nice shells but not the best I ever seen.
We found a rock that looks like a biscuitTigger and I thought it was a plastic at first (we hit it with a rock before we believed it was a rock).

 We brought two of our bikes with us to ride.
On our second week, Tigger and I went for a bike ride, we went about 2 kilometres from the place we were renting.

It was the time that people can put stuff they don't want any more out on the side of the road, so Tigger and I were looking at the stuff and found a unicycle.

It was in perfect condition - well not perfect condition it just had a flat tire and we had to cut a bit of the steel thingy that holds up the seat because it was too tall for us and couldn't go any lower.
We went fishing and caught some big fish.

 This is another pippie that we found on the beach.

We had fun on the tube, and one day it was raining so went and brought our own tube, because the other one that we had was a friend of ours tube.         

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