Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and a Happy New Year

Did you have a nice Christmas? Because I did.
Things I got for Christmas:
All of my family got a big trampoline that's lots of fun.

We also got a Smart Globe(its a globe that you use a pen to find more about the world) from our Nanna.
A bionicle
2 Hardy Boys books
Cricket shoes

Happy New Year it's 2010 
We had a New Years Eve party at our place it was fun, some of the people stayed until after midnight.
When I woke up I had only had 5 hours of sleep and I woke up at 6am then I went back to sleep after about 1 hour until about 9 am.
Then that whole day I didn't play or do very much because I was too tried.

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Grace said...

Happy New Year to you too CB!

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